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Versele Laga Traditional Depurative 25kg

Versele Laga Traditional Depurative 25kg

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With Pro Health + (Dove) Pro Health + is a unique combination of organic antioxidants with including & # X3B2 and carotene, lutein, extra vitamin E, organic selenium, Pro Anthocyaniden, and vitamin C. It's a jungle out there, but add these products ensure we can an optimal improves the immune system, which set up our Doves more resistance and overcome disease more easily. Also offer & # X3B2, carotene, lutein & Pro Anthocyaniden a good protection against oxidative damage caused by physical exertion. Reason Why We Are Much Less Muscle Damage During Your Flight. Also Encourage Karotenoide also be used to Humorale (formation of fabrics) and zelluläre (White Blood Körperchen) immunity in the body. Grape Seed Extract helps to ensure that less Made free radicals, which can be the body cells. In short, this all makes the is more general conditioning and better goods. Ingredients White pigeon wheat 17%, European White Dari 12.5%, Red Dari 9.5%, Safflower seed 6%, White pigeon barley 32%, Paddy rice 10%, Broken rice 6%, Peeled oats 4%, Buckwheat 1% & Brown linseed 2%

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