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Harkers Loft Treatment

Harkers Loft Treatment

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Harkers loft treatment is a broad spectrum disinfectant for pigeon loft hygeine and is also active against yeasts and moulds and will inhibit the development of worm eggs and coccidial oocysts. Harkers loft treatment can be used in the presence or absence of the birds and is non-toxic when used as directed Loft Treatment Loft Treatment is a dry disinfectant, which inhibits the spread of disease-causing organisms, which are often spread via the droppings. Loft Treatment is not a lime or chalk based product, which can dry the natural oils on the pigeon's plumage. Loft Treatment is compatible with all systems and should be sprinkled lightly on the nesting and perching areas, paying particular attention to any damp patches which are usually the danger areas in pigeon lofts. Loft Treatment is a pleasant smelling, finely divided powder which incorporates a powerful quarternary ammonium biocidal agent. When spread as a dressing, bacteria are held in Loft Treatment's highly absorbent matrix and efficiently neutralised. Loft Treatment is supplied in a 1.8kg shaker pack. Bacterial - Effective against bacteria and oocyst. Pleasant to Use - Keeps the loft smelling fresh. Sprinkle lightly throughout the loft over the floor, nesting and perching areas. Dry Disinfectant - Can be used when the weather is damp. Compatible with all other Hygiene Systems. Penetrates the Areas your Scraper Cannot Reach.

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